Mr. Mohamed habarir, ” Chairman of the Board of Smart Location for Real Estate Marketing and General Contracting” launched a new website In partnership with “PeoFree ltd.” Company, Engineer Mostafa Taia Which provides real solutions and opportunities it is the result of cooperation with the strongest real estate developers in various regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

He explained the importance of this unique site because of the advantages and multiple services for all those interested in the real estate market in Egypt, especially customers who want to buy any type of real estate. The site also provides a lot of services to all workers in this field from developers and companies Real estate marketing and also the free marketer because of the diversity and multiple advantages of this site.

The new site is a true view of the real estate market in Egypt
As the new website was designed dynamically and effectively, the system of searching for housing units is considered one of the most accurate systems that target all the details that you need, and it also helps those interested in doing that to compare the units that he wants to purchase in full details with the press of a button.

This site also features a lot of special and distinguished offers for all types of real estate and units in addition to many services that our visiting customers will discover.