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Smart Location offers the service of selling and renting apartments, now own an apartment of a lifetime that the best real estate development companies have worked on for you.


Many villas and palaces are presented by Smart Location to their customers, whether by selling or renting at unbeatable prices, and we follow up our customers after the purchase.


Your commercial project will not be complete without an integrated headquarters of services. Our company provides a variety of office forms to suit the requirements of our customers.

About Smart Location

Not just A Real Estate Marketer
Smart Location, is permanent real estate exhibition !

We assist our clients in the process of purchasing and after-sales service in residential cities (Sixth of October City – Sheikh Zayed – New Cairo – New Administrative Capital – New Cairo).

It is by contracting with the largest real estate developers in the Egyptian real estate market

Our clients participate in all stages of the sales process. Our goal is to be a # Your Real Estate Consultant.

News & Events

Marquee Mall New Capital

  Placing assets into the new regulatory capital is a brilliant open door to get a huge budgetary return, so we will together know through this article a standout amongst other speculation ventures inside the new managerial capital, which is the Marquise Mall, the authoritative capital, which is actualized by Warren Company, which is wealthy […]

Castle »for Urban Development achieves sales of 580 million pounds during the first half of the year.

Ahmed Mansour, CEO of Castle for Urban Development Ahmed Mansour, CEO of Castle for Urban Development, indicated that «Castle for Urban Development» was targeting sales of one billion pounds during the year. This year, sales of 580 million pounds were achieved during the first half of the year, despite the challenges of the Coronavirus crisis. […]

«الإحصاء» 281 ألف وحدة سكنية نفذتها الدولة عام 2018/ 2019 باستثمارات 94.6 مليار جنيه

أصدر الجهاز المركزي للتعبئة العامة والإحصاء، اليوم الخميس، نشرة الإسكان فى مصر خلال عام 2018/ 2019. ومن أهم مؤشراتها بلوغ إجمالى عدد الوحدات السكنية المنفذة 281.3 ألف وحدة عام 2018/ 2019 باستثمارات قدرها 94.6 مليار جنيه، مقابل 326.3 ألف وحدة عام 2017/ 2018 باستثمارات قدرها 106.9 مليار جنيه، بنسبة انخفاض فى الوحدات قدرها 13.8%، والاستثمارات […]

Vice President of “Urban Communities” inspecting the beach towers with “New El Alamein”

Eng. Abdul-Muttalib Mamdouh, Vice President of the Communities Authority for Cities Development, visited the new city of El Alamein, accompanied by Eng. Alaa Abdulaziz, Assistant Vice-President of the Authority for Cities and Development, and a number of the leaders of the Authority and Engineer Osama Abdul Ghani, head of the City Development Authority,


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