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What are you looking for?


Smart Location offers the service of selling and renting apartments, now own an apartment of a lifetime that the best real estate development companies have worked on for you.


Many villas and palaces are presented by Smart Location to their customers, whether by selling or renting at unbeatable prices, and we follow up our customers after the purchase.


Your commercial project will not be complete without an integrated headquarters of services. Our company provides a variety of office forms to suit the requirements of our customers.

About Smart Location

Not just A Real Estate Marketer
Smart Location, is permanent real estate exhibition !

We assist our clients in the process of purchasing and after-sales service in residential cities (Sixth of October City – Sheikh Zayed – New Cairo – New Administrative Capital – New Cairo).

It is by contracting with the largest real estate developers in the Egyptian real estate market

Our clients participate in all stages of the sales process. Our goal is to be a # Your Real Estate Consultant.

News & Events

امتلك وحدتك الان في اكبر ابرج إداري في ابراج الداوان تاون العاصمه

Administrative offices, the price per square meter is 8,000 pounds in cash   Spaces start from 35 cm For more details and reservations, register your information now [pum_sub_form name_field_type=”fullname” label_name=”Name” label_email=”Mobile ” label_submit=”Subscribe” placeholder_name=”Name” placeholder_email=”Mobile” form_layout=”block” form_alignment=”center” form_style=”default” privacy_consent_enabled=”yes” privacy_consent_label=”Notify me about related content and special offers.” privacy_consent_type=”radio” privacy_consent_radio_layout=”inline” privacy_consent_yes_label=”Yes” privacy_consent_no_label=”No” privacy_usage_text=”If you opt in […]

The door was opened for reservation at the top of the capital’s towers Opening of the reservation in the new phase of the administrative offices and shops in the towers of Downtown, the administrative capital Serious reservation of units 20,000 pounds Spaces starting from 30 meters For reservations, send your number in a message or […]

الإصدارات الذكية بالعاصمة الإدارية الجديدة

Final touches on the (Smart Releases) complex in preparation for the President’s inauguration soon The complex specializes in the manufacture and issuance of all documents and secured and smart papers for ministries, agencies and government departments A giant global technological edifice includes within it young Egyptian cadres of recent graduates who have been trained at […]

Cityscape Egypt 2020

معرض سيتي سكيب مصر ٢٠٢٠  احصل الآن على دعوة مجانية للحضور بالاسبقية ووفر رسم الدخول والابتعاد عن زحام تسجيل دخولك . الحدث العقاري الاكبر معرض سيتي سكيب مصر ان كنت تبحث عن امتلاك وحدة سكنية او تجارية او طبية عروض حصرية وهدايا قيمة من سمارت لوكيشن فقط  متوفرة خلال فترة المعرض ! معرض سيتي سكيب 2020 […]

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