That’s why they don’t feel like it’s you, because they’re not. Well, he was delightfully wrong (just as you are… one of the only times in life that it feels so awesome to be wrong about something!). Dennis is pretty reserved, fairly awkward in an endearing way. As you can imagine, at first, that wasn’t something he thought would be attractive to women. In fact, he wasn’t convinced that women would even be attracted to the real him.


Professional profile writers craft profiles that can be read two ways—they can be skimmed for information, but also read like a well-written short story, providing the best of both worlds. Use keywords and lists to capture people’s attention (and short attention spans) and you’ll get more messages this way. If you’re not clear on your outcome, expect to waste a LOT of time dating online or offline. Plus expect to mislead a few people too because you’ll act one way one day and the other way the next. There’s only so much information you can gather from behind a computer screen.

This article will help you in writing a winning online dating profile. This is another great idea that gives potential matches a good overview of your personality and the things you are into. Everyone loves a good list and writing out your pros and cons is a shot and sharp way to illustrate the person you are. It allows you to list a variety of different personality traits or things you love in life so people can make a solid judgment on your profile. This is a classic bio you have probably come across a lot while swiping.

Your first picture is the one that is likely to get you the most attention. So, it should have good lighting and include a clear view of your face. You should also ensure your first picture, and a majority of your other pictures, are pictures of you alone, simply to avoid confusion about who owns your profile. When you’re drafting your bio, you only have a limited amount of words that you can add. Make sure your bio includes a rich description of yourself, without being too lengthy.

Don’t make people read too much

When you’re finished writing your profile, run it by a friend or, better yet, three friends, at least one of whom is of the opposite sex. Ask “Is my profile engaging?” “Is it true to who I am?” “Would you want to meet me after reading it?” Then take any suggestions to heart, making changes as you see fit. Beginning your profile with “I don’t know why I’m on this site,” or “Does anyone really read these things?” is, to put it mildly, a turnoff. If you set yourself up for failure, undoubtedly you will fail.

If not, you’ll write a profile that won’t be true to yourself; rather, it’ll fit the agenda of the type of person you want to be with. Jason Lee is a data analyst with a passion for studying online dating, relationships, personal growth, healthcare, and finance. In 2008, Jason earned a Bachelors of Science from the University of Florida, where he studied business and finance and taught interpersonal communication. I’m a proud dog mom, an avid gym-goer, and, if you ask my friends, a bit quirky at times. I’m looking for a man who compliments my life and is ready to enjoy all that this world has to bring to the table. If you think we might be a good match, send me a message.

Once upon a time, fibbing about yourself would take some creativity. With ChatGPT, I didn’t have to use any of my own brainpower to invent false details about myself. “Oh no,” she said, when I read the “meow there” response to her over the phone, “ChatGPT is like the cringiest guy you’ve ever dated.” No one is going to pay good money just to message someone who’s written “Hey” in their profile. These two sentences also reveal that I like to travel, am open-minded, have a passion for nature, and that family is important to me.

One of the biggest complaints about online dating is that people spend too much time messaging and not enough time actually dating. It’s gutsy to ask someone out right away, but it sends the message that you’re serious about your level of interest. The information in your profile should be presented in the most advantageous way possible. Do not make a dry autobiography, as in a job application. Write vividly, with analogies, interesting turns, and self-irony. Do not be afraid to inform users about your shortcomings and weaknesses.

If you don’t want men to send you two-word messages, you must put effort into the About Me section. So if you want to attract more men, despite your size, think about what kind of “attitude” you’re showing off in the photo. For example, it’s common that a photo you and your girlfriends think makes you look flattering, is often seen as sexual from a man’s point of view. However, I don’t want to get to that yet without mentioning your photos.

Mention your hobbies, things you like to do with friends, etc, always keeping in mind that she’s going to be imagining what it’s like to spend time with you. Remember, trust builds attraction, which increases the odds of her agreeing to meet you in person. It’s easy to say you’re adventurous, loyal, and fun loving. You need to give her a reason to believe you’re adventurous, loyal, and fun loving. You want to highlight your most attractive traits, but in a way that keeps her attention and sets you apart from the competition. Open with an exciting travel story or a humorous anecdote that hints at your personality.

First of all any guy would figure that out by reading the Status section of your profile. This is the part that lists your race, height, age, location etc. Any less and you’re drastically lowering your chances to get messages.

Lack some good ideas on how to make your dating profile more attractive? Here we have examples of well-composed dating profiles for your consideration. There is no universal rule for what should and shouldn’t be included in your dating app profile.

Don’t call yourself an “ordinary girl” or “just a guy” or anything like that. While this isn’t about selling yourself, you do need to get people to read your profile so they can see how awesome you are. That’s going to require you to sell yourself a bit.