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Building 178 - ElBanfsg 6, 5th Settlement, Cairo - Egypt

I CITY Apartment 110m in Mountain View

التجمع الخامس، Egypt


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Mountain View iCity New Cairo project details

Mountain View iCity, Fifth Settlement, mountain view i city new Cairo – is considered the most modern, strongest and largest investment project

The housing unit of Mountain View Company in Egypt, as it is a real estate chain of the company’s chains, as it is considered one of the most luxurious

Architectural projects that have been implemented in the Fifth Settlement, and Mountain View New Cairo has the most famous places

Famous geography.

Mountain View iCity Compound, New Cairo, may be considered one of the major projects that everyone flock to and want to obtain

By any means, as it was implemented on a very distinctive area that is suitable for providing all services and distinctive entertainment works, so the project

It will be an ideal choice for you and all your family members due to the advantages it contains.

ماونتن فيو اى سيتى التجمع الخامس

Mountain View iCity, Fifth Settlement

Mountain View iCity New Cairo is the only project that will bring you luxury and prosperity in your daily life
Because it has a wide range of features that make it above the investment real estate market, the responsible company has taken care to rise
By adding serenity to the project, where the largest area is created in Mountain View iCity, Fifth Settlement, for the implementation of Land
Scape it in front of the project buildings.
Mountain View 5th Settlement is a distinctive compound that will make your dream come true and give you more energy and vitality that will make you feel
You took a special step in your family life, you will get complete calm and comfort, as the project contains a green space
Great for entertaining as it gives shape and relaxes nerves.
Mountain View Fifth Settlement site
Mountain View Real Estate Development was keen on choosing an attractive place in order for all clients to enjoy distinguished services
And exclusive
Therefore, the Mountain View compound is located in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo near the Hyde Park New Cairo compound.
The location is a distinctive strategic position, as it borders many prestigious places and areas in New Cairo.
Mountain View iCity compound is concentrated near the American University and Teseen Street, and it is about
7 minutes, as it is one of the most projects near Suez Road and Ain Sokhna Road. This location makes it a unique compound Absolutely none of the projects are in place so they’d be a great business.


features of Mountain View iCity 5th Settlement


Mountain View iCity Compound, Fifth Settlement, includes the largest set of various advantages, headed by its geographical location

It approximates several high-end and developing neighborhoods and places with all the competent authorities for economic, governmental, cultural, industrial and commercial works,

The site includes much more than was mentioned.

And the responsible company was keen to add to the project many other advantages and added a bunch of services and recreational areas to it

Which helps people to enjoy their free time, as for the prices, they are very special and suitable for everyone, wherever they are

This project has a very big niche in the investment real estate market.

Mountain View iCity project, Fifth Settlement

Mountain View Company was keen for this project to be completely different from other projects, so it worked on innovation in all

Works and handing over the Mountain View iCity Compound, Fifth Settlement, with a group of creative engineers and designers in the decoration works, so it was their decision to build

Mountain View iCity, Fifth Settlement, on an area of ​​500 acres, where this area is divided into two main parts, the first part which is 12% for buildings and constructions and the rest of the area 88%

For services and green spaces, where all residential units were implemented in different areas and with the best and highest designs and decorations

The different aspects that highlight the beauty of Mountain View iCity, Fifth Settlement.


Prices and spaces of units within the Mountain View iCity project, Fifth Settlement


The Mountain View iCity project includes a number of multiple housing units that meet all investors

And famous businessmen, the majority want simple spaces, so we have provided you with the following spaces:

1- Implementing a large number of housing units in the form of palaces, and the area starts from 565 square meters.

2- Implementing a large number of housing units in the form of villas, and the area starts from 240 square meters to 280 square meters.

3- Implementing a large number of residential units, which are in the form of hotel apartments and duplexes, and the area starts from 85 square meters to 160 square meters.

Prices differed a lot inside the Compound Mountain View iCity, Fifth Settlement, and this is in order to be suitable for all our valued customers, and to provide distinctive residential units for sale and in order for us to

By helping them to always get the best of the best, the units are inclusive of décor, interior and exterior designs, and electrical appliances

And the finishes, you will live in an atmosphere of luxury, as we provide you with Mountain View New Cairo prices

Mountain View projects for real estate investment

Mountain View Company for Development and Real Estate Investment is considered one of the leading companies in the field of urban and real estate development in the Egyptian market.

1- Mountain View October Park

2- Mountain View Chillout Park

3- Mountain View Giza Plateau

4- Mountain View ICity, Fifth Settlement, Mountain View ICity

5- Mountain View Doplamats

6- Mountain View Ras El Hekma village

7-Mountain View El Sokhna Village

8- For the village of Mountain View, Ain Sokhna, 2 Mountain View El Sokhna

9-Mountain View New Cairo 1 compound

10- Mountain View New Cairo 2 compound

11- Mountain View Executive Residence, New Cairo, Mountain View Executive Residence

12- Mountain View Hyde Park compound in New Cairo

13- Mountain View iCity project in the Fifth Settlement, which we are talking about in this article

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