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Building 178 - ElBanfsg 6, 5th Settlement, Cairo - Egypt

Apartment 185m in Park Lane, the administrative capital, with installments over 10 years

العاصمة الادارية الجديده، Cairo Governorate Desert, Egypt


  • Balcony
  • Electricity meter
  • elevator
  • land line
  • Maids room
  • natural gas
  • Pets are allowed
  • security
  • water meter


The most important details of Park Lane, the administrative capital
Park Lane, the administrative capital, is presented by El Attal Holding Company in the heart of the seventh district.
The project extends over an area of ​​26 acres, and is located on a plot of land adjacent to the Swedish University.
The idea of ​​the project is based on providing all the requirements of the compound (gates, security, privacy, and services) in parallel with the interactive social life components.
Looking at the design of the project, we find that it is divided into 3 areas:

Public: there is the commercial, or commerical strip, and it has a main gate from the main street, and 4 subsidiary gates from inside the compound.
public private: there is a commercial and entertainment area in Piazza, which includes shops belonging to the company’s management; To provide the daily needs of the owners (a market, a laundry, a pharmacy), and celebrations are also held there.
private: This is the quiet part of the project.

كمبوند بارك لين العاصمة الادارية Compound Park Lane New Capital

Park Lane project design

The Master Plan was done by Engineer Raef Fahmy, who is one of the big names in the engineering consultancy field.
He has excelled in many designs for the largest real estate projects in recent times, most notably:
Compound BloomFields New Cairo
The Waterway North Coast
Ein Hills EL Sokhna Resort
Skyline building from Memaar Al Morshedy is the largest residential building in the world.كمبوند بارك لين العاصمة الادارية

Park Lane compound location

It is located in the 7th residential neighborhood, R7, on plot D2.
The project is 450 m wide, on the third largest main axis in the capital (the main axis of R7), which is 90 m wide.
Park Lane is distinguished by being on the land adjacent to the Swedish University, on the same axis as the BUE, next to the diplomatic quarter, and directly overlooking the R7 circuit, which is 70 m wide.كمبوند بارك لين العاصمة الادارية Compound Park Lane New Capital

The importance of Park Lane, the administrative capital

It is located near the Bosco Compound, the Administrative Capital, as it is the second plot of land from the Mohammed bin Zayed South axis.
The southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed is the lifeblood of the Administrative Capital, and the link between it and the surrounding cities.
The Park Lane Compound in the New Capital is also located on a main street with a width of 90 m, parallel to Bin Zayed Street.
It is also located in front of Tiba Rose, and near the most important buildings within the Administrative Capital, as it is located next to the Swedish University, Al Masa Hotel, and the Medical City.
Park Lane Compound is also located near the Green River, the largest central park in the world.
It is also a few minutes away from the government district, the Presidential Palace, the Exhibition City, and near the Opera House and the Diplomatic Quarter.
Thus, you will find that the location of Park Lane Compound is the best in the New Administrative Capital, as it will always make you closest to the most important neighborhoods and cities in it.كمبوند بارك لين العاصمة الادارية

Prices and payment systems

With regard to the prices of the Park Lane compound, you will find the price of the apartment is 110 square meters from 1,388,900 pounds, and the units will be delivered semi-finished.
To give you a complete opportunity to finish your unit according to your personal taste, within 3.5 years from the date of the contract.
In addition to Park Lane’s distinguished prices, you will find that only 20% of its total area has been allocated to construction, and the rest of the space is allocated to services.

كمبوند بارك لين العاصمة الادارية

Installment systems at Park Lane
Those special prices presented to you from Park Lane Compound, the New Capital, with payment facilities, as there are many payment systems; To choose the most suitable ones.
Most notably, a 10% down payment and installments up to 10 years.
Thus, you will be able to own your apartment inside Park Lane Compound, the New Capital, on the longest payment period and in comfortable installments.

كمبوند بارك لين العاصمة الادارية

The owning company and previous business
Compound Park Lane New Capital is the latest launch of El Attal Real Estate.
Al Attal Real Estate Company is one of the leading companies with a long history in real estate development.
Al-Attal Company began its honorable career since 1948, meaning that it carries on its shoulder more than 87 years of experience in the real estate market.
Al-Attal Real Estate Company works in more than one field, most notably contracting, iron, and finishes, for their owners:
Hani Al Attal.
Muhammad Al-Attal.
Ahmed Al-Attal.كمبوند بارك لين العاصمة الادارية Compound Park Lane New Capital

Park Lane Company’s precedent in investment
The company has more than one branch outside Egypt, in Bahrain and Malaysia. Throughout its history, Al-Attal Company has undertaken many large projects.
The most prominent previous works of El Attal Group are the following:
The Embassy of Malaysia, the Embassy of Bahrain, the Embassy of Qatar, and the Embassy of Angola.
It also has many projects within multiple regions in Egypt, such as a group of buildings in Nasr City, Garden City, Lotus, Andalusia, Beit El Watan, Heliopolis, and others.

مشروع العتال العاصمة

Services and spaces

The Park Lane project is built on an area of 26 acres, as it is a compound that was implemented according to international standards, whether at the level of design or implementation, as we find that its internal division keeps pace with the latest recommendations followed in the most luxurious international compounds.
Where we find that most of the space has been allocated; To achieve the greatest amount of luxury and privacy for the owners within it.
And by allocating large green areas, industrial lakes and swimming pools, and all services and distributing them in a balanced manner.

كمبوند بارك لين العاصمة الادارية Compound Park Lane New Capital

Areas of Park Lane apartments, the capital

As for the areas of the units of the Park Lane New Capital project, you will find apartments and duplexes of various sizes within it:
Ground apartments attached to the Garden with areas from 135 to 205 square meters.
Duplicate floors apartments with spaces from 110 m2 up to 220 m2.
Duplex apartments in a variety of styles between the ground and the roof areas from 200 to 250 square meters.
And that wonderful and different collection in the areas of Park Lane apartments in the New Capital; To help you choose the right space for your needs.

بارك لين العاصمة الادارية

Services of the Park Lane project, the administrative capital

The compound has 3 main gates; 2 for the residential sector, and one for the commercial one, in order to prevent overcrowding and speedy access to your unit.
Green spaces and landscapes for hikers, spread and distributed in a balanced way throughout the compound.
A yard for strolling and enjoying the most beautiful times with the company of the family, and there is a commercial walkway, in addition to the Skyline Lounge.
Bodies of water represented by artificial lakes.
2 indoor swimming pool.
medical Center.
Trails along the Park Lane compound for exercise and cycling.
Gym, spa and swimming pool with the latest facilities.
There are in some buildings (rooms for study and reading – a central kitchen – a mini cinema)
Cafes, part of it, down buildings.
Restaurants and cafes area.
Administrative and commercial units.
Recreational areas.
Fully secured garages.
Security and guarding around the clock.
Suspended bridges to connect the buildings together.
A social center, another for business, and a third for fitness.
Club House.
Children’s playgrounds.
Various activities such as playing chess in the open air.
Stalls selling meals, and juices.
Thus, Park Lane Compound, the New Capital, will give you a comfortable atmosphere and the beginning of a happier life inside it.

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