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Building 178 - ElBanfsg 6, 5th Settlement, Cairo - Egypt

Apartment 130 m finished with air conditioners in the Fifth Settlement



  • Balcony
  • Central heating and air conditioning
  • Electricity meter
  • elevator
  • land line
  • natural gas
  • security
  • water meter


Details of the zed east new cairo compound project

Zed East New Cairo Compound is the new lighthouse based on creativity and excellence that is being worked on in New Cairo.
The new work will be one of the latest projects that the famous businessman Naguib Sawiris is interested in after the success of the Zed V Towers project
Sheikh Zayed City and October, zed el sheikh zayed zayed towers
The first phase of Zaid Compound New Cairo will be launched now in a few days
He always excels in the works he presents for everyone, because the project will be flourishing in recent periods, because there are
A group of developments that take place within the subject, and this is what we will learn about and we will inform you of everything new about projects. Zed project
Zed east, New Cairo
You can reserve your residential unit through the first phase of Zad East Compound, New Cairo, as the project will be presented to you
A group of the most important and modern, sophisticated and exclusive commercial and residential units, which enjoy a privileged location, which makes them a company
Always the best.
Therefore, the Zed East New Cairo project will offer you a set of advanced services and distinctive works that help you with
Enjoy the best services and the latest business.

زيد ايست القاهرة الجديدة zed east

The company that owns the Zed East New Cairo project

Ora development is the company responsible for Zed East New Cairo compound
The latter announced the emergence of a new project that will be established in the city
New Cairo, which is the Zed East New Cairo project, as it is one of the mega projects that are planned through
The company, since the Zed East New Cairo compound will be a very new and distinctive start, the company is one of the best and largest
The companies operating in this field are a company that has a group of businesses outside Egypt in Cyprus and London as well as Pakistan.
She has a lot of experience in this field because she learns about project standards and policies from her group
Developers and innovators in the work of engineering designs and high innovations, so we always provide the best and the best and help you
Provided that you enjoy everything new in the field of real estate development, as the company has carried out a wide range of works
Different projects and achieved overwhelming success in its projects, and we will assure you that this project will be a great success in the coming days.

Zed East New Cairo location


There is a Zed East compound in the Fifth Settlement and New Cairo, and it will be the beginning of the famous ninety Street, as it will be one of the most prominent streets
Known as Cairo, and the Zed East Fifth Settlement Compound is near the American University, and the distance between them is approximately 10
Minutes, the project includes a distinct group of vital areas as it is located in front of Hyde Park New Cairo and close to
La Vista City New Capital, and it is concentrated near the ring road, which is the middle road
Which is located next to the Patio Ora and be at the end of the Fifth Settlement City.
This site was known to be one of the strongest strategic sites and one of the most important features of Zed East, as it includes a variety of
Zed East New Cairo project
Distinguished business and multiple services, Zed East Compound New Cairo enjoys sophistication and luxury, and all investors in Cairo are flocking to this
The project, because it contains a wide range of services and tremendous advantages, as it has a huge amount of services for citizens.
Zed East New Cairo project area
The developers announced that it will be one of the various works for it that will be worked on in New Cairo, so
The implementation of a new start, which is that the project will be built on an area of ​​about 420 acres, and this area is 200 acres, which includes residential units, areas and green spaces
It can be used, which took 50 acres of them to create the largest club in New Cairo. It collects a very large number of distinctive services
Due to its vast area. From what a group of luxurious designs were chosen within the ZED EAST project in order to be
Integrated, the range of spaces that villas and apartments contain are varied and all are fully finished and furnished
With a group of the most important and best services,
Where the entire kitchen is decorated by adding the kitchen and it is made of wood, we always shine in our work in order to gain confidence
Persons us.

Zed East project services, New Cairo

The developers of Arawa Real Estate Development Company were interested in implementing the largest range of entertainment services, in addition to public facilities and modern designs, and there are many advantages in order for each client to obtain
‘The highest degree of luxury and privacy in the residential position is that there is no need to leave the project and always get its personal belongings, this will be the integrated building for you and your family, where we provide you with the following set of services:
Where the Zed East project, Fifth Settlement, is characterized by the presence of large gardens next to the project, which are built on 65 acres that can be enjoyed with entertainment.
Establishing a large health club and public park on an area of ​​50 acres, which includes a wide range of various sports and recreational services.
Creating a green area that contains a large park on 50 acres, where there are many flowers and trees, and it is very distinctive and you can sit in it.
Providing industrial lakes in the middle of green spaces to give the project a new and different look.
The presence of a large shopping mall with a number of stores in which brands and international brands are sold, including shoes, clothes, parfums, accessories and many life necessities.
The most famous area for international cafes and restaurants, which features the most modern cuisine.
The presence of an integrated security system and 24-hour escort in the project for protection that can overcome all the difficulties in the project.
Providing a large area of ​​land scape and clubhouse for enjoyment and entertainment.
The presence of a group of distinctive swimming pools, which take distinct numbers and different sizes and areas.
Sports courts and a gym on an area of ​​43 acres
An area dedicated to administrative offices
All the services that have been mentioned are from the works developed in the project, so we will add many services for the sake of enjoyment, we are
We have provided you with a group of different buildings areas where each building has a ground floor and 7 upper floors, which provides you with many
Your needs and be the bottom of the buildings.

Zed Est New Cairo 10% | زيد ايست التجمع الخامس | زيد ايست نجيب ساويرس

Designs of the Zed East New Cairo project

The project was designed with international designs with the help of Watg London Company in developing the operational plan for the project
It is an architectural firm with offices in London, Singapore, Istanbul and Los Angeles
The apartments will be delivered fully finished with air conditioning
Payment systems and payment methods of the Zed East New Cairo project
Aura Real Estate Development Company, affiliated to the engineer / Naguib Sawiris, facilitated payment methods for the areas and prices of the project in order for it to be easy for the customer to be free to choose his system and worked to provide services
The facilities, which is the installment service, we assure you that the company will innovate in its works, designs and prices only for you.
You should contact us via the numbers attached at the end of the article in order to enjoy the services of the project and the housing units
And that is only 10% downpayment of the unit price and in installments over 10 years and without interest for apartments
As for the villas, with a 10% down payment, the rest is in installments over 6 years and without interest
The project will be delivered fully finished, super lux
Zed Est New Cairo compound is one of the best, most luxurious and most important residential projects and one of the latest projects of the engineer /
Naguib Sawiris The Zed East New Cairo project is one of the most gigantic residential projects designed with the latest designs
The world that considers your world and not only your home, which aims to start a new life as much as possible, Aura said
For real estate development, it is that this project is considered one of the strongest projects it has in New Cairo in order to meet all requirements
Clients, as it provides them with more luxury and tranquility, and in order for the project and this compound to have a distinctive place among the residential communities and
Other cities

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