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Building 178 - ElBanfsg 6, 5th Settlement, Cairo - Egypt

Townhouse for sale in Azzar New Cairo

التجمع الخامس، Egypt


  • Balcony
  • Covered parking
  • Electricity meter
  • land line
  • Maids room
  • natural gas
  • Pets are allowed
  • Swimming pool
  • water meter
  • حديقة خاصة


Azzar New Cairo Compound

Compound Azzar New Cairo

Azzar New Cairo is one of the most famous and prestigious compounds in New Cairo, as it is distinguished from others by its location and creative designs that many experts participated in, making it similar to the designs in the American city of California.

كمبوند ازار القاهرة الجديدة Compound Azzar New Cairo

Compound Azzar New Cairo

Azzar New Cairo location

The Azzar New Cairo compound is located near the American University, and near the most famous neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement known as 90th Street in New Cairo, where there are many residential compounds in the area such as Mountain View 2 and Villette Sodic, Fifth Settlement, in addition to Palm Hills.


Design of Azzar New Cairo :

  Azzar Compound, Fifth Settlement, is the first real estate project undertaken by Ready Group.

Where the company was keen to transfer modern and international high-end designs, from the city of California to lovers of high-end designs in the Azar Compound, the Fifth Settlement.

The compound is like a small city with large green areas and many water bodies, with all kinds of services available that provide privacy and achieve comfort and tranquility.

And you can get privacy, which commensurate with the traditions of our eastern society, in addition to living in an area characterized by vast green spaces and units, which are designed with the best types of crystal lagoons and amazing architectural designs.

The Fifth Settlement Compound, characterized by the picturesque views that exist throughout the compound, which send customers comfort and relaxation, and this is what many customers are looking for away from the traditional residential atmosphere, which is filled with noise and boredom.

كمبوند ازار القاهرة الجديدة Compound Azzar New Cairo

Compound Azzar New Cairo

 Azar Compound, Fifth Settlement

The Azzar Fifth Settlement Compound project was established in one of the best upscale locations inside New Cairo, as it was built on a land area of 25 acres, close to the Golden Square area.

This vast area is full of green lands and high-end parks, in addition to the presence of units within a group of villas with a townhouse and twin house.

Azzar New Cairo compound, where high-end life, and enjoying the beautiful nature.

The area of the villas in Azzar New Cairo is as follows:

The villas alone are located on an area ranging between 439 square meters and 494 square meters.

While the townhouse space ranges between 247 square meters and 287 square meters.

The Twin House was established on an area ranging between 291 square meters and 305 square meters.

Features and services of Azzar 5th Settlement

The compound includes many villas, townhouses and twin houses, swimming pools, and vast green spaces, each of which has many features, and these features are as follows:

The swimming pools are located near an area known as the floating lighthouse, which has the ability to defy gravity, in addition to being spread throughout the compound, which achieves a wonderful look to the compound.

The compound contains landscapes and parks, which are spread all over the compound on large areas, thus achieving calm and comfort for customers.

In addition to the fact that the compound includes a large shopping mall, for people who love to shop, and this mall includes many stores that are keen to offer various brands to suit different tastes.

In addition, there are many restaurants and cafes within the Fifth Settlement compound, which compete with each other to provide the best services to customers.

The compound includes a health club, containing various international sports equipment and equipment, with a children’s area, which includes many recreational games.

There is a cycling track in the residential units, between the vast green spaces.

There are surveillance cameras all over the compound, working to monitor all areas of the compound, 24 hours a day, during the week.

The compound includes an area similar to the seaside, containing many water games and games for the beach.

The compound includes a large screen located in the middle of green spaces, in which all the important films and matches are displayed.

In the event that there are faults inside the residential units, a special team will be sent equipped, capable of carrying out maintenance work, on 24 hours.

The compound is characterized by its high-end atmosphere, which inspires vitality, activity, comfort and luxury to the customer’s heart.

كمبوند ازار القاهرة الجديدة Compound Azzar New Cairo
 Compound Azzar New Cairo

The owning company and previous business

The Fifth Settlement Azzar project was established by a company specialized in the field of cosmetics, this company is known as the Redy Group Company.

This project was implemented by Dora Real Estate Development Company, due to the lack of experience with this company, Ready Group, as it is one of the companies specialized in the field of cosmetics.

Dora Real Estate Development Company is distinguished by its extensive experience, as it has more than 79 years of experience working in the real estate market, as it owns many large projects of various kinds, tourism, commercial and residential.

Dora is distinguished by its keenness to provide its best, in accordance with international quality standards.

In addition, it is keen to implement all that is required within the engineering plan of the project, with the implementation of all finishes and engineering requirements, which have been included within the project.

Dora has implemented many real estate projects, such as the Compound The Address East New Cairo, Zayed Compound, 2000 and Zayed Heights Compound, in addition to the design of 13 towers in the State of Qatar, in addition to the Mohandessin Gardens. .

It has designed about 35% of the mega projects, which are located in Sheikh Zayed City and more than 27 towers within Dubai.

Payment systems and payment methods

The units in Azzar, Fifth Settlement, are villas only, and they are delivered semi-finished, with a 5% downpayment, and the rest of the amount is paid over 6 years.

And the villas that are located in the compound differ from each other, according to the needs of the customer, so that the standalone villas are located next to the townhouses and twin houses, and the value of the installments is paid in many different ways

Azar compound prices, 5th settlement

The unit prices in Azzar New Cairo are commensurate with all customers, which brings the customer satisfaction with what has been spent in the residential unit, as you get the comfort, tranquility and privacy required within the compound.

The prices of the units inside the Azzar Compound in New Cairo vary according to the requirements of the customer, as there are all spaces that are commensurate with the number of family members and the nature of their lives.

As each customer has complete freedom in choosing the design of the unit that he wants to live in, as there are independent villas in the compound, different in space, and different in design, which makes them suit all tastes, and it is not only the villas, but also includes twin houses , And townhouses, which vary in size and price, according to the client’s needs.

Payment Plans

10% and installments over 8 years

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