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The right to book your unit in the administrative capital from Park Lane New Capital, the compound designed in the Dutch style, so it was called this name in relation to the largest streets in the Netherlands, Park Lan Compound is one of the projects of the Real Estate Company that seeks to provide everything new in the real estate field Therefore, it worked to leave a strong imprint within the new administrative capital, the largest and most ancient real estate projects.

The space of Park Lan compound

Park Lane New Capital is built on an area of ​​26 acres, the company chose that huge area so that it can build many residential units of various spaces and create the services that any individual needs in addition to the magnificence of design and the luxury of the project.

The space on the residential units varied between:




The company distributed the residential units space in Park Lane New Capital starting from 81 meters up to 309 meters and was divided as follows:

Apartments with an area of ​​81 square meters, consist of one room.

112 square meters apartments consist of two rooms.

Apartments with an area of ​​140 meters, consisting of 3 rooms.

While duplexes on an area ranging from 201 meters to 309 meters.

The penthouse starts from 225 meters to 231 meters.

The company made sure to diversify the space so that everyone could find the right space.

Take advantage of the opportunity and book your unit and choose the space you want with the most wonderful and largest real estate projects from within the Administrative Capital.

Park Lane New Capital

Park Lane New Capital

Park Lan website

Park Lane New Capital is located in one of the important parts of the Administrative Capital, where the R7 district occupies the seventh residential district in particular in plot D2, which is the area that witnesses many of the vital features that the New Capital City enjoys, including:

The green river.

The diplomatic district.

The central park, which is one of the largest parks.

City of fairgrounds.

Opera House.

Government district.

Presidential Palace.

Swedish University.

The international airport.

Conference center.

Park Lan is also blessed with its location near the most luxurious urban complexes, such as:

Teparoos, the administrative capital.

Al Massa Hotel.

Bosco compound, the administrative capital.

The site is distinguished by its presence in the second plot of the Bin Zayed Majlis, which represents one of the main axes that lead to access to the Administrative Capital.

The executing company did not randomly choose Park Lane New Capital, but it took into account that the site is in the most dense area, but it enjoys complete privacy and tranquility.

Features of Park Lan, the administrative capital

The porter company was interested in the Park Lane compound witnessing a lot of services and features that everyone is looking for in order to be distinguished and unique among many compounds, for example:

Green spaces spread with the latest scientific methods.

Plenty of swimming pools at different levels.

Industrial lakes.

An overview of all units on the services witnessed by the project.

A special track for cycling, jogging and walking.

Yes, Park Lane New Capital has a dedicated area for restaurants and cafes.

Jim Center.

Spa center.

The presence of commercial and administrative units.

A park for each unit, where a special beacon is allocated for each unit.

Security and guard is spread over the place throughout the day.

Park Lan distinctive site, which witnesses the entertainment attractions.

The spread of surveillance cameras throughout the compound.

Entertainment area for children.

The design of the compound in the latest models to have a special character.

And other services that the compound enjoys, the company seeks to provide life in a different way other than the usual pattern with complete privacy, the executing company of Park Lane New Capital took advantage of its previous experiences and unleashed new and distinctive ideas and worked for the project to be different and distinctive, especially because it is present among many compounds.

Park Lane New Capital

The owning company and previous business

Park Lan is produced by the “El Attal Real Estate” company, which was established in 1948, and has a great deal of real estate investment and has undertaken many real estate projects and real estate development inside and outside the country.

Al-Attal Company is involved in many different fields, but the most famous one is the architectural field, because it has appeared strongly in the field of contracting, finishing and iron.

The owners of the company are:

Professor / Mohamed Al-Attal.

Professor / Hani Al-Attal.

Professor / Ahmed Al-Attal.

The company is famous in many different countries because it has many branches.

The company has done previous work in various embassies, including:

Bahrain Embassy.

Malaysia Embassy.

Angola Embassy.

Qatar Embassy.

Among the architectural projects it has undertaken in Egypt:

Units in Nasr City.

Units in Garden City.

Units in lotus.

Units in Heliopolis.

And other gigantic urban projects that have been admired by many.

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