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  • natural gas
  • security
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  1. Pyramids Business TowerThis project will be the first of its kind in the New Capital, the project will be a huge mall, offering many types of units such as shops, administrative offices, clinics, and there are hotel units.The company that developed the Pyramids Business Tower – Pyramids Business Tower was keen to be the best in the region, so the commercial tower was designed with a modern European design (a European vision on the land of the Administrative Capital).

    Real estate developer of Pyramids Business Tower

    It is the Pyramids Real Estate Company, which is a large company with a long history in the field of urban development, and the company has many internal and external projects. It is a French company of origin.

    Paris East Mall, the new administrative capital.
    La Capital, the new administrative capital.
    The Mall of the Champs Elysees.
    Grand Square Mall.
    Pyramids Business Tao mall location

    Pyramids Real Estate Company was keen to provide a very special location in the capital to build the largest and best commercial and administrative mall in the whole region, and this place is located in Down Town, which is an integrated services area close to many important compounds and cities, as it is located near:

    Business and finance district.
    The green river
    The diplomatic district.
    central bank.
    Government district.
    Central station.
    Electric train.
    The New Administrative Capital Airport.
    The Cairo Opera House.
    Large residential neighborhoods R8 & R7
    Administrative Capital Airport
    The services provided by the Pyramids Business Tower

    One of the most important services in the Pyramids Business Tower Mall is the availability of many advantages for investors and businessmen, which can be mentioned in these points:

    A special area for restaurants and cafes.
    It contains places designated for entertainment and various activities.
    It contains cinemas.
    Special entertainment places for children.
    Commercial, administrative and medical units.
    Meeting rooms.
    dancing fountain.
    Cameras, and security services around the clock.

Pyramids Business Tower project area

The latest project of the Pyramids Mall Pyramids Business Tower is built on an area of ​​25 thousand meters and the mall consists of a ground + 20 floors, and the mall also has a distinctive view of a main square and overlooks the Green River and Al-Masa Hotel

Prices and payment systems for Pyramids Business Tower mall

Pyramids Business Tower payment systems with the highest return on investment in the administrative capital: –

30% down payment and get 12% return annually until receipt and the first installment after receipt.

35% down payment and get 14% return annually until receipt and the first installment after receipt.

40% down payment and get 16% return annually until receipt and the first installment after receipt.

5% downpayment – 5% down payment after 3 months – installments up to 8 years – maintenance fees 10% in installments.

10% downpayment, installments up to 10 years, maintenance fees, 10% in installments.

25% down payment and the first installment after receipt. The down payment can be paid in installments.

An opportunity from the Pyramids company for customers to benefit from a pre-receipt system, and a rental mandate for the company after receiving the unit, and this guarantees the customer a return ranging from 15 to 22%.

In addition to another golden opportunity, which is any customer who contracts for two (administrative) units, who will take a hotel suite as a gift

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