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opening of the third phase in the food court area of the Aventura Mall

العاصمة الادارية الجديده، Cairo Governorate Desert, Egypt


Aventura Administrative Capital site

All the data of the “strong position” are available at the site of Aventura Mall of the New Administrative Capital, which is located in the heart of the seventh residential district, on the regional road.
Which is considered one of the most important main roads in Egypt, and the seventh residential neighborhood is one of the most elegant and important residential neighborhoods in the Administrative Capital.
Which has been fully allocated to projects of major real estate development companies in Egypt; To establish the most important residential projects in it.
This is an added value for the Aventura commercial project, as the customer who wants to own, or invest in, is of course looking for a presence within an area that provides thousands of potential customers.
This is what the mall achieves by being in that unique area, and it does not stop there. When mentioning the advantages of the Aventura Mall site, the capital.
It is also distinguished by its location, on a main square, and huge streets around it, 80 meters wide, and it is located in the front of the high-end clubs area.
But if you are looking for a commercial complex in the financial and business district, you will not find it better than Inezio Mall, the New Administrative Capital.

افينتورا مول العاصمة الادارية

Advantages of investing in the seventh residential neighborhood

The seventh district is one of the most important neighborhoods within the first phase of the new administrative capital, given its location within it; We find that it is surrounded by the most important roads, and the main places of the capital.

To the right of it you will find the Diplomatic Quarter, and to the left of the Fairgrounds, as well as near the Green River, the government district, and the Presidential Palace.

It is also distinguished by its proximity to the Mohammed bin Zayed Axis, the Administrative Capital Airport, the Medical City, the Cathedral, the train station, the Convention Center, and the Opera House.

And other features of the New Administrative Capital, this neighborhood is distinguished by its proximity to all places, and it is surrounded by a network of major roads, such as the Regional Ring, Suez Road, Ain Sokhna, etc.

The seventh district is built on an area of ​​1500 acres, and it has been divided into a group of lands, which have been allocated to the most important development companies, and it has an integrated service area.

افينتورا مول العاصمة الادارية

  • Services and spaces

    Aventura Mall, the New Administrative Capital, extends over a total land area of ​​15,000 square meters, and a building area of ​​15,000 square meters.

    Where the mall consists of 3 floors (ground + first + second), and consists of 4 buckets, 3 entrances, and contains 6 elevators and escalators.

    The design of Aventura Mall is dazzling, and upscale to the utmost, it will put you on the right path; Towards achieving a promising and fruitful investment opportunity.


  • Aventura mall services, administrative capital

  • Cinema on the second floor of the mall.A children’s recreation area, located on the second floor.
    Food Court area on the second floor, top of the mall.
    An ice rink is located on the first floor of the mall.
    A hypermarket on the ground floor of the mall.
    Fountain dancing for the first time in the seventh district.
    Huge display screen to see important football matches, as well as high-profile events.
    Underground garage, and an additional garage.
    Security and guarding for each entrance, and modern surveillance cameras.

افينتورا مول العاصمة الادارية

Payment Plans

10% مقدم وتقسيط حتي 7 سنوات

15% مقدم وتقسيط حتي 8 سنوات

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