Placing assets into the new regulatory capital is a brilliant open door to get a huge budgetary return, so we will together know through this article a standout amongst other speculation ventures inside the new managerial capital, which is the Marquise Mall, the authoritative capital, which is actualized by Warren Company, which is wealthy in a definition in Real Estate operation.

The R7 region that was picked to realize this undertaking is one of the principal focal territories in the authoritative capital, as it incorporates numerous administration offices and administrations and different establishments, and the created organization had the option to pick the best site for the usage of this enterprise.



Location of Marquee Mall New Capital: 

Company of One Real Estate consistently picks the best key puts in a request to actualize its duties in the administrative capital. In this manner, the R7 territory was picked for the execution of the shopping center undertaking. This territory is portrayed by the join:

• Existing near to business banks.

• The endeavor is arranged near the organization neighborhood, which is near the eastern side of the strip mall.

• It is situated close to the presidential central command and from the universal capital air terminal.

• From Al Massa Hotel It is just five minutes.

• It is arranged near the Opera District and from the greatest film complex, despite its closeness to the Great Capital Library.



Highlights of Marquise Mall: 

Marquee is one of the significant activities that are also provided through the warren improvements organization in a key area before the services, banks, and films complex notwithstanding amusement. Among the focal points and administrations of the shopping center is the accompanying: 2 electric lifts interface each floor to the next, one for the ascension, and the other for going down. There is additionally a crisis leave stepping stool.

• It is situated close to the stock trade towers.

• It is close to a business region that incorporates a lot of eateries and bistros.

• Kids Area proximity.

• Square for huge celebrations that take after the Red Square in Russia.

• Monorail train proximity.

• Marquee Mall New Capital is also the second greatest apex in the capital, after the well-known zenith.

Spaces of Marquee Mall New Capital: 

Marquee Mall New Capital is considered and recognized by the assorted various units between business, clinical and administrative units in different territories.

• The all-out zone of the Mall Administrative Capital is 8800 square meters; however, the development proportion is just 30%.

• The business units are situated on the ground and main floor, with zones beginning from 26 square meters.

• The clinical units locate the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors, with regions beginning from

23 square meters and arriving at 130 square meters.

• The authoritative units involve the fifth, 6th and 7th floors and the spaces start from

230 square meters.


Marquee Mall New Capital Prices: 

The shopping center costs are reasonable with all financial specialists, yet the costs by and large contrast contingent upon the territory and on the kind of lodging unit and the job, however having a unit inside the Marquise Mall regulatory capital task is a wise speculation opportunity.


Marquee Mall New Capital Payment Systems:

WAREN improvements, the land engineer of Administrative New Capital City Markets Mall venture, plans to give numerous installment frameworks to suit all financial specialists ‘wants.

Accordingly, you also can just follow through on 10% of the finished unit cost, in addition to the rest of the unit that their cost will be partitioned over a time of as long as 108 months, in equivalent portions.


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