Final touches on the (Smart Releases) complex in preparation for the President’s inauguration soon The complex specializes in the manufacture and issuance of all documents and secured and smart papers for ministries, agencies and government departments A giant global technological edifice includes within it young Egyptian cadres of recent graduates who have been trained at the highest level The complex serves as the government’s main tool in the process of digital transformation and the provision of technological solutions. It was implemented with a design inspired by the ancient Egyptian style in a record period of time, as its implementation began in February 2018 and is scheduled to open in February 2021

• The project is built on an area of ​​570 thousand square meters and is located on Cairo Sokhna Road, and includes a number of facilities represented in:

1- A 3G data center, which is considered the most recent in the world, hosts all data in a secure manner through (cyber) insurance and artificial intelligence. Data Center can absorb the data flowing from Egypt, the Middle East and the African continent without occurring A defect, taking into account future expansion, to double its capacity

2- The Secured Paper Manufacturing Center and the banknote is the largest in the Middle East. It includes two integrated lines with all operating requirements, starting from the stage of raw materials represented in the cotton and cellulose crop to the stage of producing secure paper ready for printing according to its use, whether it is official document paper or banknote

3- A 2D – and triple 3D – and 4D hologram manufacturing center, in which all types of holograms and accessories are manufactured and used in additional security solutions

4- A center for the manufacture of complementary industries such as watermarks and insurance textiles

5- Two insured printing centers that can print all insurance means on previously manufactured papers inside the compound

6- Three centers for processing and integrating plastic layers with a formidable capacity and an automated system for manufacturing raw plastic cards before allocating data on them.

7- Two centers for processing and collecting electronic passport papers

Some of his tasks:

Some of his tasks:
Printing the official documents
Print academic certificates
Printing of passport papers
Banknote printing
Analyzing, aggregating and processing data
Manufacture and printing of personal cards
Manufacture and issuance of prepaid and payment cards
Collecting and issuing electronic passports
Manufacture of vehicle licenses
Print property contracts
Print court certificates
Printing real estate registry agencies
Issuing electronic identity cards
Issuing electronic driving licenses
Issuance of smart tourist cards
Issuing high school and technical certificates
Issuing documents for the tax authority

The manufacture and issuance of Meeza cards
Manufacture and issuance of supply cards
Manufacture and issuance of comprehensive health insurance cards
Manufacture and issue of (My Transportation) cards used in the metro and soon by the Transportation Authority buses, monorail, electric and express trains.

The complex was able to obtain international licenses from the two international companies, “Visa” and “Master”, and to rely on it as an international platform for the manufacture of all types of payment belonging to the two platforms.

All facilities of the complex are fully automatically monitored through modern programs and applications, including quality control and testing laboratories, in addition to night and day monitoring systems, fingerprint access control, fire alarm, automatic fire fighting, motion sensors, glass breakage, and sensors for measuring and monitoring all paths.